Love And Information

Directed by Paul Backer

McClintock Theatre, University of Southern California

Lighting/Scenic/Projection: G. Austin Allen, Costumes: Christina Haatainen-Jones, Photos: Craig Schwartz


Floyd Collins

Directed by Victoria Pearlman

Massman Theatre, Musical Theatre Repertory

Lighting/Scenic: G. Austin Allen, Costumes: Marly Hall, Photos: Cindy Wei


Grand Hotel (Props)

Directed by John Rubinstein

Bing Theatre, University of Southern California

Properties: G. Austin Allen, Scenic: Selby Souza, Lighting: David Hernandez, Costumes: Hannah Kim



Directed by Eli Carpenter

Joe Craft Theatre, Denver School of the Arts

Lighting/Scenic: G. Austin Allen, Costumes: Mei Mei Pollitt